How do I subscribe for the Tradewind Pass?

You can sign up for Zephyr Tradewind Pass by clicking here. Purchase your pass and get an automatic membership, each time you renew, your account is valid for another 30 days. 

What does the email I get after class include?

The email sent to you after class delivers your class stats that mirror the numbers you see on the center console (and more!) after class, including mileage, average power, total power and calories burned. You can also view your historical stats on our website under your account

Does the pass only include cycling classes?

No, you will have access to a library of on demand and live cycling and Force classes.

Is this a recurring membership?

Yes. This is a recurring membership.  You can cancel it at anytime by emailing us at hello@zephyrcyclingstudio.com before your next billing cycle.

Do I have to have a Zephyr bike to do the cycling classes?

You can use any indoor cycling bike OR trainer for your outdoor bike.

Do I have to live in Bozeman to purchase the pass?

Absolutely not! We LOVE seeing people workout with us from afar.

Do I have to be a previous Zephyr member to purchase the pass?

No. Just make sure you create an account online at zephyrcyclingstudio.com or through our app in the app store and you can purchase the pass. Welcome to the Zephyr family!